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Haywards Heath's 2nd Best Brewery

Haywards Heath's Craft Brewery

Situated in the self acclaimed Heart of Mid-Sussex, Haywards Heath, Heathen Brewers found their first home deep beneath the gourmand delights of Grape & Grain, the brewery reluctantly residing in the deep cool cellars, where an objectionable bunch of ragtag brewers, who can hardly tolerate each other and best kept away from polite society, thrived in the experimental madness otherwise known as The Heathen Brewers Brewery!

After test brewing the perfect beer with the then brand new local Sussex hop, the entire annual production of the hop was bought by another brewery and we were left empty handed.

The Beginning

Nearly a decade ago, a bunch of guys and a gal met up and using the new Sussex hop brewed, what they all agreed, admittedly after a considerable quantity had been consumed, was most definitely the bestest beer ever. Apart from the wealth of brewing experience between them, they discovered that one was a retired accountant/brewer, another an engineer/brewer, a third had a dungeon suitable for brewing, and the fourth a business consultant/brewer. Then came the fifth, a perfectionist that annoyed just about everyone else just enough to spur them into action. It seemed the perfect team to form a brewery, but alas we forgot youth and enthusiam, so a sixth was added, a go-getter, the sportsman, who's belief in anything is possible and the American Dream has not yet been tarnished by the misery of life (we're working on that). They had brewed the best beer in the world after all, it would be virtually criminal not to produce it for all to share. After a year of argument discussion, the brewery was formed and named Heathen Brewers.

Where it all started
Where it all started

The Present... The Hop Sun

There comes a time in the life of every young brewery when it needs to burst free from the confines of it's oubliette. Tricky it turns out, when in the intervening years, buildings have sprung up blocking the only means of escape! Nethertheless, after venturing through the trapdoor into the bright summer sun, a new home was found in Triangle Road (between Sussex Road and Lewes Road) where an old Victorian barn nestled within the houses, has made the perfect home for our shiny new brewery.

Our shiny new brewery.
Our shiny new brewery.

A brewery, far too shiny, not to proudly show off to all our lovely Heathen beer drinkers;

So we put in a taproom too; The Hop Sun, with the same philosophy as everything we do, a place where we'd want to drink. A place to try all the available Heathen brews as well as a rotating selection of our favourite brews from the best breweries both local and national. Of course such an grandiose project was clearly too immense for the disallusioned artistic tempraments of the Heathens, particularly as several had decided to hibernate a quinquennial ago and have yet to reemerge. Two new Heathens were recruited to save the day, the brawn and the brain, who's misanthropic ways and passion for great beer made them eminently qualified as thoroughbred Heathens. The fresh enthusiam of our new compatriots combined with the energy and the brewing genius of The Sportsman, our Chief Brewer, has dragged us Heathens into a new era of Heathen Brewers. Come join us for a beer at our new brewery and taproom The Hop Sun and tell us what you think.


The Hop Sun,
Triangle Road,
Haywards Heath,
RH16 4HW.

The Future

More great beer?! Don't ask me, I'm not a bloody soothsayer.

A Heathen beermat that has been carelessly left upside down.
A Heathen beermat that has been carelessly left upside down.
Phew, a kindly soul has righted the aforementioned beermat.
Phew, a kindly soul has righted the aforementioned beermat.

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